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Men commonly feel the weight of responsibility, get a lot of stick, and subsequently often disengage.

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Inspired by yearofthemale.com’s Charter for Contemporary Man, Creative Space;

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It may be a man’s world, but….. according to CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)

“Suicide is the single biggest cause of death in Men under 45 in the UK”

Year of the male also states:

  • 73% of adults who ‘go missing’ are men and 90% of rough sleepers are men
  • Men are three times more likely than women to become alcohol dependent and 79% of drug-related deaths occur in men
  • Men make up 94% of the prison population
  • Men and boys from all backgrounds have shorter life expectancies than women and girls of the same background
  • Boys from all backgrounds are underperforming girls at every stage of education
  • 82% of fathers want to spend more time with their families and men are more likely to report work-life conflict

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